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Three Melodic Sketches

Due October 4: Three Melodic Sketches

After Reading pp 17-22 of Ellis Koss “The Melodic Phrase,” and the first two guidelines for “Note to Note Motion” in 18th-c music, draft three short melodic phrases. (Use Example 3-3 on p 20 as a model for the length and style.)

At least one of your drafts should be minor and at least one major; at least one in triple meter and at least one in duple, and make use of at least two different grouping types (Iambic, Dactylic, Trochaic).

Choose one of your drafts to re-write in a grand staff, and indicate a likely harmonic progression in the lower staff. Be prepared to discuss alternate harmonic interpretations of your draft.

Be sure to proof your work. Late assignments receive half credit; you may seek feedback on late work in office hours.

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