October 14, 2011  Yarn|Wire  at the Tenri Cultural Institute in New York City

Ian Antonio and Russell Greenberg perform the first duo interpretation of “A is for Azimuth and Arnica.” 

October 8, 2011  Rhonda Taylor at Irons Recital Hall, University of Texas at Arlington

Guest artist Rhonda Taylor presents a Master Class and recital (7:30 pm) at UT Arlington, featuring Carson’s”Anonyme,” and music by Louis Andriessen, Rick Burkhardt, and Avi Tchamni.

October 7, 2011  THE MOVERS AND SHAKERS II: Christopher Williams in Concert with Golden Diskó Ship and Come Back Special. Ausland Gallery in Berlin, DE.

A festival “celebrating song, improvisation, & noise.” Williams improvises, threading through Carson’s “Three Songs for Singing Contrabassist.”

April 15, 2011  Johnny Montgomery Carson and Ben Leeds Carson at April in Santa Cruz

World Premier of “N is for Nolana and Nycandra” with LA-based new soul/R&B/jazz guitarist Johnny “Guitar” Montgomery Carson; nephew of Wes Montgomery. 

April 4, 2011  ARNICA WAVEFORMS NEBULAE: Leah Bowden and Friends at UC San Diego

Leah Bowden presents a new interpretation of “A is for Azimuth and Arnica.”

March 3, 2011  Leah Bowden in Recital at the Del Mar Foundation.

Leah Bowden performs “A is for Azimuth and Arnica.”

January 21, 2011   Leah Bowden at the UCSD Alumnae Festival of New Music.

UC San Diego Percussionist Leah Bowden performs Ben Carson’s “A is for Azimuth and Arnica,” in the most comprehensive interpretation yet attempted.

December 10, 2010   Glen Whitehead and friends with Rhonda Taylor and other guests.

World Premier of Snow Bloom (Ochromonas), for trumpet, saxophone, and 10-20 instruments. At the Dusty Loo Bon Vivant Theater, at the Department of Visual and Performing Arts. University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

May 15, 2010    Leah Bowden in Concert

Premiering a new version of Coda: “You Are Not I for marimba.

April 5, 2010         7:00 pm      Aiyun Huang: New Music for Percussion

Featuring Ben Carson’s A is for Azimuth and Arnica, in a new interpretation. Works of other composers to be announced. Music Center Performance Studio: U.C. Santa Cruz.

December 3, 2009        8:00 pm      Ben Carson: Syncline and Anticline

This is the opening ceremony of Diversity + Change, the Annual Conference of the International Society for Improvised Music.

After an algorithmic opener by Dave CopeSyncline and Anticline is a structure of negotiation in which Carson, along with Russell Greenberg, Rhonda Taylor, Scott Walton, and Glen Whitehead, will recreate a variety of written and spontaneous musics.

Following our show, the great and distinguished bebop pianist/composer Freddie Redd, and finally an open jam session of the festival conference.

Kuumbwa Jazz Center. 320-2 Cedar Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060.

September 22, 2009  You Are Here Festival: The Maze, featuring ‘Hunter/Gatherer’

Performing two new interpretations of Carson’s “A is for Azimuth and Arnica”, for found objects and found texts. Brooklyn, NY.

June 10, 2009  Christopher Williams at the Electric Possible Sonic Art Laboratory

Featuring Carson’s ‘Three works for singing contrabassist’, and other works. Panic Research Gallery, Washington, D.C.

June 8, 2009  International Society of Bassists, annual conference: Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams in recital, featuring Carson’s ‘Three works for singing contrabassist’ and other works. Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg. PA.

June 7, 2009  Islip Long Island Arts Council Distinguished Artist Series presents Ian Antonio and Russell Greenberg

“A is for Azimuth and Arnica”, for found objects and found texts. Two interpretations by Russell Greenberg and Ian Antonio. Islip, New York.

May 27, 2009  Classical at the Freight: Chris Froh in Concert

Featuring “A is for Azimuth and Arnica”, for found objects and found texts. Freight and Salvage, Berkeley, California.

May 8, 2009       8:00 pm     Christopher Williams with Hans Koch and Ben Patterson.

Kontrabass bissig und um Fluxus-musik [Moltkerei Werkstatt / Köln]. Carson’s ‘Three Songs for Contrabass’ and other works.

April 15, 2009          7:00 pm      April in Santa Cruz III: Yarn/Wire

Mediations/Tenors, for marimba with metal miscellany and vibraphone with wooden miscellany (Ian Antonio and Russell Greenberg, percussion). Coda: You Are Not I; “fors seulement…”, fors seulement condition for piano (Jacob Rhodebeck). Music Center Recital Hall, U.C. Santa Cruz

Also featuring music of Kim Hi Kyung, plus Luciano Berio: Linea (1973), John Arrigo-Nelson: fluttuazione/attimo (2008), and Stefano Gervasoni: Sviete Tihi – Capriccio dopo la Fantasia (2006).

April 5, 2009           4:00 pm      April in Santa Cruz I: Rhonda Taylor

Lesser Myths I: Anonyme for alto saxophone. Also featuring music of Gérard Grisey, Avi Tchamni, others TBA. Music Center Recital Hall, U.C. Santa Cruz.

March 29, 2009           7:00 pm      Davis/Sacramento Percussion Ensembles: featuring Chris Froh

Chris Froh performs Carson’s A is for Azimuth and Arnica and other works. Sacramento, CA.

March 26th, 2009      8:00 PM      Anahistoric: New and Old Works of Composer Benjamin Carson

Presented by the Music Performance Program at Columbia University, and percussion/piano quartet Yarn/Wire. Featuring cellist Katie Schlaikjer, saxophonist Rhonda Taylor, trumpeter Glen Whitehead, and contrabassist Chris Williams. 301 Philosophy Hall, Columbia University, near Amsterdam and 116th.

[ More Info / Press Release , hear the concert ]