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Final Exam

Here’s when it is:

12/12/12 at 12:00.

And here’s what’s on it:

1. 30 pts — 4 part writing:

a. Short Exercises: like Kostka & Payne Self Tests 9-1 B & C; 8-1 C #s 7-12.

b. Figured bass realization: practice adding tenor, alto, and soprano to the figured bass examples from keyboard lab exercises from week 4, week 5, the midterm, and final.

2. 15 pts — Aural Skills: eCommons Units 5-8, & 11: full progressions (major and minor) and short “figured melodies.”

3. 30 pts — 3 short counterpoint exercises: One of them will require 3:1 or 4:1 writing. Practice by writing new counterpoints above the bass lines of the three new Corelli & Bach Minuets given in class last week and this week. Also re-do assignments 6 & 7, transposing exercises to new keys to encourage fresh thinking. 

—> Remember that the quickest and clearest way to write counterpoint is to begin with a sense of the harmony that should be implied…not just over a particular note, but over small groups of 2-4 notes. Then write a scale or arpeggio that forms a simple shape crossing toward the next strong beat. Once you’ve written that lightly on your exam, proofread to check whether it meets the 2:1 writing guidelines. If you’ve started with a good shape and good harmony, correcting “errors” tends to be easier than if you’ve written a jumble of note-to-note intervals.

4. 25 pts — Analysis: Identify harmony, cadences, & NCTs, in a short 2-part minuet, march, or aria. Practice with the additional minuets given in class last week.

Study Tip:

Download assignment worksheets that you feel were particularly difficult for you. Transpose 2-3 exercises on each sheet into a new key, and write them from a fresh perspective, using all of your recently improved confidence and knowledge. If you begin this process and after 5 minutes, it’s fun, do not be afraid. Be in the now; confess your love, and live for it…

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