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Week 4 Keyboard Skills (Due Mon-Tues 10/22-23)


(1) Rhythmic scale. See this worksheet for the performance rhythm in 3/4: eighth- quarter -eighth, two eighths, in sequence. A major, two octaves ascending & descending in parallel motion.

(2) Spreading and converging motion. G minor. Two octaves ascending (melodic) & descending (natural) in contrary motion.

As before, the pace should no lower than q = 52 (with each note a quarter). Pick any tempo you like above that. Pianists: consider challenging yourselves to play smoothly at 100-110. However, the exercise earns no credit if more than one error is made, or any pause is introduced in your rhythm.

(3)  Chord progression: Figured bass 1 (JA).

Prepared Interpretation

Learn to play to the downbeat of m 8 of J.S. Bach’s “Marche” in D major from the A.M.B. Notebook, at a steady tempo. (You do not need to play the “tr”—trill—in m 7.) For discussion in your section meeting, analyze the harmony and identify non-chord tones not already labeled. Does your analysis of the harmonic progression affect your interpretation of the work? If so, how? In labs, a perfect score will reflect some sensitivity to the harmony, and the cadence.

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