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Week 5 Keyboard Skills (Due Mon Oct 29—Tues Oct 30)


(1) Rhythmic scale. See this worksheet for the performance rhythm. E and F two octaves ascending & descending in parallel motion.

(2) Spreading and converging motion. C minor and B minor. Two octaves ascending & descending in contrary motion (melodic and natural).

As before, the pace should no slower than q = 52 (with each note a quarter). Pick any tempo you like above that. Pianists: consider challenging yourselves to play smoothly at 100-110. However, the exercise earns no credit if more than one error is made, or any pause is introduced in your rhythm.

(3) Figured Bass (ATC)

Prepared Interpretation

Following guidelines given last week for the March in D, learn the first 8 mm of the antecedent sentence in J.S. Bach’s Minuet in G major from the A.M.B. Notebook, at a steady tempo. Write fingerings in whereever your choices deviate from those written on the page.

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