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Week 5 Voice & Rhythm (Due Wed 10/31—Fri 11/2)

Prepared Singing

Ottman: 6.50, 7.28

Singing Drills:

 - Sung Chords Drill. Given a bass note c, d, f, g, or a, sing triads 53 (root position) in major, then minor, 6  (1st inversion) in major then minor, 64 (2nd inversion) in major, then minor, and an augmented triad. Sing each chord type as an arpeggio up and down through the three basic notes of the chord, using note names (including accidentals) as the syllables being sung.

(Just to confirm: The sequence of notes sung, assuming the bass is the tonic, will be {1, ^3 (major third), 5, ^3, 1, v3 (minor third), 5, v3, 1, v3 v6 v3 1, ^3, ^6, ^3, 1, ^3, a5 (augmented fifth), ^3, 1}, but each of those scale-degrees should be sung as its corresponding letter name.)

 - Interval naming drills 1 (descending!): key of E and Bb. + NEW: Be prepared to sing any diatonic interval, from any starting note w/o the context of a key.

 — Sight-singing. We have a new sight-singing resource in a free online book titled “Melodia.” We’ll use it primarily for extra sight-singing practice materials. This week, sightsing examples 9a-11 (p 41), 59-61 (p 45), and 95-97 (p 48). Your quiz will be similar to these.

Also feel free to use examples drawn at random from the first five sections of your sight-singing workbook (Ottman).

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