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Week 3 Voice & Rhythm (Due Wed 10/17—Fri 10/19)

Prepared Singing

Ottman #345, 373 (Excerpts taken from previous edition)

Singing Drills

Arpeggio Progression #1, in Bb and G. Use movable do. 

- Interval naming drills (see last week’s assignment): keys of A and Db major.

Be prepared to begin on any step interval in the A and Db major scales (as before, the second note of each pair will be one note higher than the second note of the previous pair).


Sing through these practice melodies (sheet 1 & sheet 2), two per day, concentrating on them as practice for sight-singing. Examine the meter and learn the rhythms quickly by looking at the notation, then quickly hum the scale degrees in the melody’s tonality. Finally, look at any unusual leaps, and internalize the feeling of singing those particular sounds. After about 30 seconds of preparation in this manner, begin to sing the melody slowly. Do this twice per day, using these practice melodies, and other melodies in your repertoire as an instrumentalist or singer. (If you are a singer, sing fragments of melody from the bass line and other figures in the your accompanists’ lines.) You will be asked to sing a melody resembling those sheet 1, that you haven’t seen before; you’ll be given about 30 seconds to prepare it.

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