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VOICE & RHYTHM FINAL EXAM (Wed 12/5—Fri 12/7)


Sung arpeggio drill: (NEW.) Given any note in the key of B major or A major, sing a descending diatonic triad in each of the following types: 5/3, 6/4, and 6/3. Use letter names descending, and then ascend; on the ascending (middle) note of the chord, sing its quality. (See examples from the previous week’s assignment.) You may be given any starting note in either key, and you should be able to complete the task with confidence, as a result of your practice. 

Ascending Interval Drills: in minor keys: C minor, D minor.

Sight-singing practice: Ottman/Rogers 4.27-4.31, 5.16-5.19, 6.1-6.8

Prepared Singing: print a copy of Nel cor più non mi sento. Beginning with m 9, and continuing through the downbeat of m 22, write a figure under each bass note, accurately representing the harmony at each point. Learn to play a simple chord for each bass note, accompanying yourself in tempo as you sing the song in Italian. Pronunciation will be discussed in lecture.

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