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Week 1 Voice and Rhythm (Due W-Th-Fr Oct 3-5)

Prepared Singing:

Ottman #346, 374 (Excerpts taken from previous edition)

Singing Drills:

(1) Interval Naming Drill - In the key of C, sing pairs of notes, lower first and then upper, beginning with pairs 1 step apart. Sing each pair twice in quick succession. First sing the pair using their note names, e.g. “E, F”; then sing the same pair while reciting the quality and size of the interval between them. (Sing the quality for the first note, and the size for the second.) Move quickly to a pair of notes with the same starting note, but a second note one step higher. It will sound like this: “E, F, minor, second, E, G, minor, third, E, A, perfect, fourth, E, B, perfect, fifth…” etc. Be prepared to begin on any step interval in the C major scale, with the second note ascending until it reaches the seventh.

(2) Basic Ear Preparation – practice this two or three times a day—for not more than three minutes each time. The following explanation and example refers to the tonality of C.

a. Using a keyboard or other instrument, play a short C and immediately sing ‘C’. 

b. Play C notes in different octaves, after each one respond by singing it in whatever range is comfortable for you.

c. Do the same with G. Again, play G notes in as many octaves as your instrument allows, but respond by singing the same comfortable G.

d. Now play both C and G notes and respond accordingly. Try surprising directions and sizes of leaps. When your spontaneous keyboard notes leap considerably, try singing your responses close together, and vice versa. When your keyboard notes create a rising contour, try singing your responses in a descending contour, and vice versa.

e. Very gradually add notes from the C-major scale, in the following order: E, A, F, D, and B.

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