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Cameron Mozee-Baum - Prospectus

Cameron Mozee-Baum Project Materials for Empirical Study

“Does listening to music alter our perception of how a probe tone fits with a major scale?”


1. Written instructions & response pages (.pdf)

2. Complete example study sound file (link to SoundCloud)



Reader Comments (1)

Great work Cameron.

I like the fact that the exposure to the three types of stimuli are *roughly* equal in length. But just a few questions:

1. would it be difficult to make them exactly equal? Or is the length of exposure involved deliberate?

2. In our email conversation, we discussed finding a basis for comparison in your variables. Would it be easy to have two "priming periods" in each category, rather than just one? A way to compare an intensive exposure to mixolydian to a less intensive one? It might be easy to doctor the current example if it's ok to test much shorter lengths of exposure.

3. regarding the time intervals allowed—between any given probe tone and the following scale—are these the same as in the Krumhansl study? They seem like they might be a little quick.

Great job in the participant response sheet and selection of musical examples. Very interesting test.


Nov 30, 2013 at 1:57 PM | Registered CommenterBen Carson

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