Please apply to develop teaching, discussion leadership, and writing mentorship skills with Ben Carson and new lecturer Noah Meites in the newest version of “American Popular Music”. This year the course will be taught exclusively in the music department, as “Music 11C.” To be admitted as a Teaching Practicum participant, you must be available to attend all of the lectures for the course: Monday Wednesday Friday — 12:30 p - 1:40 p, Music Center Recital Hall (101).

The primary tasks of the independent study include development of listening and writing assignments, discussion leadership, writing feedback, grade-book maintenance, and the development of a bibliography in one area of popular music research. The workload is typical of a 5-credit class; between 13-15 hours per week, counting lecture attendance and one 25-45 minute (average) weekly meeting.


[Ben Carson]
Application Deadline: August 5 / EXTENDED TO AUGUST 16!

Year in school:
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(1) In no more than 250 words, please explain your interest in this teaching practicum. Participants learn a variety of skills: tutoring, writing instruction and criticism, lesson design, research in popular culture and music, online course development, presentation skills, in-class demonstrations. What past experiences will you draw upon in this study? What skills interest you the most, and what do you hope to gain overall from this experience?

(2) Please explain, in no more than 250 words, one of your own strong interests in popular culture or popular music. What aspects of U.S. popular culture interest you, and why? What are some questions you can see yourself investigating as a for-credit collaborator in this course?

(3) Please submit a sample of your academic writing. (It can be short, and it does not need to be on the topic of music or culture.)

Please submit your application by August 5, 2010. If you need enrollment information for this independent study prior to that date, please contact me directly.