Menagerie — The Trial of Spock

Successful questions will be relayed to the phone of a remote camera operator (and enunciated out loud over speakerphone as a voice-synthesized-message). Online participants will then be able to hear the live answer streamed online as they formulate follow-up questions. Video of the interview can then be uploaded and remixed by the participant community…This project enables groups to inhabit either the role of interviewer or interviewee. A single individual can interview a collectivity and vice versa. Synaptic Crowd explores the possibility that a group can operate as a single subjectivity by embodying a single “speaking” voice. (McVeigh-Schultz 2008)

In addition to the media material assemblage of the installations, the two spaces are networked by multiple communication media from the analog to the digital (e.g. map, scavenger hunt, computer network, telegraph, telephone)…the two spaces will be interactive and in communication with each other via sound, video, and sculptural movement…The design of both spaces should function on a variety of levels, promoting curiosity, craft, beauty, play as research, embodiment, media studies, and community. I hope to contribute to the conversation about more equitably distributed access to “our” most contemporary and economically influential technology through a material engagement with the history of global media development. (Travelslight 2009)