Menagerie — The Trial of Spock

Moving beyond Bourriaud’s relational aesthetics (2002) as the sole metric for understanding the implications of art as social intervention, this project explores two alternative theoretical frameworks: [1] Bruno Latour’s (2005) notion that a public is organized around “matters of concern,” and [2] Chris Kelty’s (2008) notion that recursive publics can actively reimagine the very rules of their engagement…(McVeigh-Schultz 2008, citations added)

In undertaking the OLPC perspective, what kinds of bodies are at stake, what counts as a body, how are they conceived, how are they related? This involves considerations [of] bodies in relation to each other; bodies in relations to machines, media technology, and digital/virtual environments…[and] a decidedly feminist interest in the end of representationalism (Butler 2006, Barad 2007) and its consequent political projects. The work emerges from an exploration of dynamic processes of geopolitical territorialization and deterritorialization (in the vein of Deleuze & Guattari [1980] 2000) and the possible performance of a particular set of intra-acting materials (see Barad 2007, 89, 178) into the production of space (Lefebvre [1974] 1991) to provide for the consideration of a particularly meaningful global technical object (see Negroponte 1995, p 117, 157). (Travelslight 2009, citations added)