Having trouble figuring out how to do the assignments?

Here are a few common errors.

(1) You may not be logged in to the site. This is a secure course site, which means you need a login name and password in order to access the assignments and listening. Please read the following points and then contact me if you still have questions:

— All of the students in the course were sent a login name and password in the weekend of October 2. It came from a place called “squarespace” — the site administration engine. That’s so your (temporary) password remains private.

— You’ll need to click on “login” below in order to access the site, and enter your information in the fields provided.

        — Once you’ve logged in, click on How to Participate in the Discussions and follow the directions you see there, to begin your assignment for the Unit we’re in.

(2) If you haven’t found your login name and password yet, please search your *university* email account — the one listed at the registrar — for a message from “squarespace”. This is the name of the sender from which I asked you to expect the account information. (You probably DID receive this email last weekend, but you didn’t notice it.) I need you to look for this email and write to me again ASAP confirming whether you found it or not.

If you still can’t find the email, please search your spam-blocking folders, or any other likely locations, for a message containing the word “squarespace.” I hope that helps! At your earliest convenience, you should click on your account name (in the upper-right corner of the page, after you log in), and click “Edit Profile.” Then click the “Password” button (third button from the top) and follow the directions to change the password to something personalized. We need to keep the site secure!


And as always — let me know if you have any questions!