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The Music Performance Program at Columbia University presents


New and Old Works of Ben Leeds Carson

(All photos by Eric Parson.)

Featuring YARN/WIRE: Ian Antonio, Laura Barger, Russell Greenberg, and Jacob Rhodebeck
with guests Katie Schlaikjer, Rhonda Taylor, Glen Whitehead, and Christopher Williams.

March 26th, 2009, 8:00 PM — 301 Philosophy Hall.

Sound engineering by Eric Parson, with the noble and gracious support of David Gordon and Josephson Engineering.

Thanks are due to Eleanor Lipat-Chesler, Deborah Bradley-Kramer, George Lewis, and many others, for logistical and moral support. [Please see musicians’ short biographies, and additional thanks, on the original program.]

For ease of navigation, the excerpts on these pages are divided into cohering groups of pieces. In the concert itself, they were spread and intermingled through 90 minutes of collaborative music-making, with all musicians occupying the stage throughout. In the program, there were no pauses between works, and the audience was welcomed to applaud “at any time.”

Katie Schlaikjer, cello | Ian Antonio & Russell Greenberg, percussion/keyboard | Laura Barger, prepared piano/keyboard

Anahistoric (2003) 

    [ca. 15’30”]

Anahistoric: Passapied (2003) 

    [ca. 3’00”]

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