For the Department of Music


Music 253B: Rhythm, Time, and Form [Winter 2013, Spring 2015, Spring 2019]


Music 80P (online) / previously American Studies 80F; Music 11C: Popular Music in the United States [Winter 2019, Spring 2015, Spring 2014]; fulfills Ethnicity and Race General Education Requirement

Music 14: Beginning Theory and Musicianship II [Spring 2010]

Music 30A: Theory, Literature, and Musicianship I [Fall 2010, 2012]

Music 121: Instrumentation and Orchestration [Fall 2017]

Advanced Music Theory and Musicianship

  1. Music 130: Advanced Study of Harmony and Form in Western Art Music [Fall 2017, Fall 2014, Fall 2011, previously 100A]
  2. Music 150CSpecial Topic: Tonal Structure, Counterpoint, and Style Analysis [Spring 2009, taught as 100C] 
  3. Music 150P: Special Topic: Melody & Form in Popular Song [Winter 2014, Spring 2012]
  4. Music 150SSpecial Topic: Techniques in Late-tonal and Post-tonal Composition and Analysis [Winter 2010, taught as 100B] 

Guest lecturing in 197: An Archaeology of Rock and Roll

US Popular Music Teaching Practicum, MUS/AMST 199: Discussion Leadership and Writing  Mentorship in Music 11C / AMST 80F.

New Horizons Field Study [Music 199F: Music Education Service Learning, ongoing at New Horizons School for Homeless and Home-transitioning Students; ongoing]

Music 201: History of Theory [Winter 2017, Winter 2019]

Music 202: Analysis—Approaches to Tonal and Post-Tonal Music [Winter 2014, Winter 2016, Winter 2018]

Music 206D: Music Perception / Empirical Musicology [Fall 2013, Spring 2009, Fall 2013, Spring 2016]

Music 254I: Empirical Approaches to Information in the Arts [cross-listed as DA/NM 254I: Fall 2007, Fall 2014]

Music 254Q: Dialogues and Questions—Writing at the Intersection of Theory and Practice [crosslisted as DANM 202 (core theory/practice seminar) Spring 2010, 2011, 2012]

For the M.F.A. in Digital Arts / New Media

DA/NM 254I: Empirical Approaches to Information in the Arts [cross-listed as MUS 254I: Fall 2007, Fall 2014]

DA/NM 202: Dialogues and QuestionsWriting at the Intersection of Theory and Practice [crosslisted as MUS 254Q: Spring 2010, 2011, 2012]

DA/NM 250C: Issues in Locative and Adaptive Composition

For the American Studies program

U.S. Popular Cultures: Introduction to American Popular Music [AMST 80F / MUS 11C; Fall 2007, 2008, 2009; Spring 2014].

See also “American Popular Music Teaching Practicum”, above: cross listed as AMST 199/99.

For Kresge College

Kresge 18: Natural History Practicum [Winter 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Winter 2018]

Kresge 80: Power and Representation [Fall 2016]